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Tuesday, 11 April 2006



Wow you daddy is just like the Greek Water God Poseidon or what the Roman called Neptune. http://www.in2greece.com/english/historymyth/mythology/names/poseidon.htm


the parallel to poseidon is spooky. anyway, i revere dad as poseidon is by the greeks.

today, 12 april 2006 is the 4th anniversary of dad's death. al-fatihah.


How time flies; it's been 4 years ... al-fatihah


So sorry that I did not know of your dad's passing when it happened. Last week I was in PB looking up old haunts. I also happened to chance upon Bkt Merah when I mistakenly took a 'short-cut' to Gunong Semanggol. So when I read your blog tonight, I can vividly imagine you there.....with your dad... and the bike. I rather like the railway station. Unfortunately I was in too much of a hurry and agigated to stop to take pictures.


dear youknowme,

thanks for dropping by my blog, and thanks for your thoughs about dad and bukit merah.

i vividly remember your dad, too.

hey, taking pic of bukit merah train station - that's an idea! next time i'm there i'll take pics of the station, the railway line on the lake, the run-down boathouse, the quaint one-street town (i think i remember the barber location), etc. and post the pics here.


Among his younger nephews and nieces, I think Liza & I remember him the most. As I put in my other comment to your blog, we were practically in Bukit Merah almost every weekends. Thus, I can still vividly remember Pak Lang.

I can also remember how his face looked when he was angry, but he seldom raised his voice.

Another bit from Mama's recollection: he's the most dedicated person to his job that Mama remembers. He would get up early in the morning, n get ready so that he was in his office by 8am. Fully n neatly dressed. And he would perform his rounds around the lake right on the dot.

And his boss was miles away n maybe came to inspect once a day if not once a week! Yet, he regularly performed his duties without any slack! That's dedication and passion, and sense of duty.

Other people would simply go fishing or sleep!

My Pak Lang was a good man. A rare good man.

Ann Hasny Maznuddin

I remember Tok Wan.

He once told me, "I like you. Very much indeed and I want you to stick with Din. No need to bother yourself to look for the right person anymore. Same goes to Din. Din is a very good man, a very rare one infact. I can see that you two are matched. I will ask Mak Jan to get you guys married soon. Then you must wear tudung, like Aini, you even look and behave like Aini".

Guess what? You're the very first one I've revealed this to as I've been keeping it only to myself. Why now and why to you I'm finally telling this?

Because.. you're the only one whom taken the initiative to make something memorable on Tok Wan. People might talk loud, even shout to make others hear them, but your tranquillity in here touches my heart most! I'm sincerely Thanking You, and I know Tok Wan is too. Luv Pak Teh always muah.


Ann , I actually cried after reading your comment, remembering Tok Wan again. Thank you for opening to me and sharing about Tok Wan whom we all fondly keep memories of in our hearts and minds. Thank you for being a joyous part of the family. Luv you, Din & Uni always, too! Hugs...

syarfa'(anak abdul aziz(bp,johor))

pak teh,ingat kite orang di Batu Pahat ke tak?,moga-moga sihat sejahtera disana.


My dear Syarfa, of course I remember you and your family! Thank you for dropping by at this blog. It was good to visit you in 2004. See the photos of you at: http://hasansaidin.typepad.com/photos/johore_dec_2004/

Come visit us soon, ok?

Luv always, Pak Teh.


Yup Tok Wan was a good & caring man. I remembered that we loves to go to Chow Kit by bus when he stopped by Gombak & always he will buy something for us. I remembered also those label dates that he loves to stick to almost everything. Remembered also his ironed shirt & pants (no wrinked even a bit) but most of all I think really misses him a lot esp. Tok ... Al-fatihah ...


askm....pak teh,tak ade ke gambar yg sangat-sangat terbaru???Tunjuklah , asyik gambar yang sama jek..bye,bye


assalamualaikum...pak teh.pak teh kata hari tu nak masukkan nama kita bawah keluarga saidin,sebenarnya tentang hari tu kita kurang faham...sila jelaskan dengan segera..kita tunggu malam ini....


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i remember tokwan! especially masa tokwan sakit stay at my home. i feel so greatful sebab dapat jaga tokwan saat2 akhir nafas tokwan.
i miss him so much.


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This is such a beautiful memory. Thank you for sharing. I wish I could be as good a daughter as you are a son and write about my parents the way you write about your father.

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