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Monday, 13 November 2006



Hi Doc,
It is me again. Your friendly descendent of Genghiz Khan. U know, my fore-forefather used to have it easy without monopoly. He just kept perfecting the long-bow he learnt from the orang asli and he can just shoot a mile up. He was so glad that it was still feudalism back then. Nothing a few arrows won't settle. Anarchy perhaps, but no patent law. Well.. there was this problem he faced when he reached the Great Wall.. but then his grandson discovered bribery, and what do you know.. they formed the next Sung empire.
Hmm back to this convicted monopolist, i think we take note of his goodies from miles away, cos the descendents of the Sung, that's right, they have turned to piracy rather, and kinda less bloody too.

And, wait till u hear this... there is this thing call the web... and u know we could just smuggle i mean send out our wares, without bribing a single Ming court official... man .. that is far out..

Anyway, time to go, they dont have Wymax here yet in Low Yat Plaza, and my kuai-low starbucks milk cup here has crumbled after constant re-use, can't think of any excuse to give the waiter. U know me.. i always surf free. It is a good thing Tim Berners-Lee didnt patent the Web.. haha... er.. he is from the House of Lee right? Wow!!... chinoa rulz!

Moral of the story: Leave the bullock carts to the settlers, and we ride in the open.


Carlos Ruiz

Here in Colombia the story was worst, the law project http://bachue.com/colibri/proyecto.html wasn't even voted on Congress. There was no Bill Gates shaking hands or donating something, I imagine it was managed simply with a call from USA embassy menacing with cutting aid of "Plan Colombia".


Carlos Ruiz
ADempiere Project


In Greece the Minister of Finance signed a deal with Microsoft for special prices in order to procurre MS Office for the whole Government. The deal is for 100 million USD http://www.infosoc.gr/infosoc/en-UK/specialreports/microsoft/ . Bill Gates himself was there to shake hands with our MF. I would smile too if someone handed over a government-size client.



Steven, for all their talk of "appeal of neutral software approach" http://www.openmalaysiablog.com/2006/09/in_the_new_stra.html it is of interest that I see the headline of a related article in the link you gave, i.e. the headline "The agreement with Microsoft is preferential" http://www.infosoc.gr/NR/rdonlyres/0A8DA50B-4C20-4D9F-897C-879298070FDE/1890/bradyni19372260.jpg -- but it's in Greek -- can anyone translate the short rticle? Did they also raise a similar appeal of neutral software approach in Greece?


Yes, the "software neutrality" is the official approach of the current greek government, and Yannis Larios, special counselor of the greek General Secretary of Information Society (civil servant in the Ministry of Development) has even published articles in the press to that effect.
The deal has been questioned in the greek parliament, especially from the opposition (PASOK party) who openly supports open source software, as well as on the greek LUG (HELLUG). Nothing came out of it. The current greek government cannot understand open source - all they want is a big company to take good care of them.
BTW, the deal is in:
It is a blog of a friend of Larios.

- The article Infosoc.gr points at, all that it says is that Greece got a preferential treatment and got a great deal that will promote IT in Greece. Infosoc.gr is a government site.. -

Yannis Larios

StevenK said:
"The current greek government cannot understand open source - all they want is a big company to take good care of them."

Dear Steven,

Nothing could farther from the truth! The Greek Government both understands and promotes Open Source, but always ON AN EQUAL BASIS with other solutions, which you seem to forget!

If you actually read my articles, as you say you did, you would see that Open Source should be treated equally and but should prove its value by proving it can do things better, not just by political support!

That's the concept of neutrality, which you seem to forget....


Yannis Larios

Mauricio Martinez

Some people like ADempiere developpers in Colombia (QSS) has bad reputation managing projects, abusing of their customers. For these reasons some companies and the Colombian government does not rely on these projects

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