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Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Yoon Kit

> the file format (OOXML) was a part of the software
> and that OOXML and the software (MS Office)
> are quite inseparable.

This sounds so much like IE being part of the OS and are quite inseparable.

Please find out more!


Samir Chopra

Hi Dinesh; nice recap of the first days' proceedings. I've only posted a couple of items at my blog, and would be interested in your feedback (http://decodingliberation.blogspot.com)


Wesley Parish

So Microsoft is going public with the assumption that ISO is packed full of idiots? Now that's an interesting take of ISO, considering that they've gone indepth into packing ISO national bodies with Microsofties .... ;)

Seriously, Joel on Software's got some interesting comments on specifications, which a standard is for the entire industry. Eg, if a standard is too long, people won't bother with it, which puts ECMA 376 in its place.

Zaine Ridling

Wow, I can't believe they even admitted that. Doesn't seem true, much less possible. Either way, Microsoft went through a LOT of work for MS-OOXML.

used computers

I guess, Micorsoft facing many criticisms and it's having very hard time and they need to accomplish the needs of people and rectify the issue that customers are having.

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This sounds so much like IE being part of the OS and are quite inseparable.

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