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Wednesday, 05 September 2007


Matthew Cruickshank

I don't know if this is true, but since OOXML was disapproved every country gets to vote again. Although it's typically vote changing from "no" to "yes" as issues are addressed, it can also go from "yes" to "no" and "abstain" to anything.

(again, I don't know if this is true).

I was involved in the Standards New Zealand workshop. Your efforts especially in looking into the CEILING function were (I think) some of the most persuasive arguments we had. Thanks for your efforts -- they've helped other countries :)


Thanks man, it's good to know that we've helped other countries. It's a shame that we can't help ourselves, though.

Yoon Kit

Hi Matthew,

Like Yusseri said, its good that whatever we're blogging here is useful to countries with effective National Bodies which are not subject to the influence of a single vendor.


Patrick Cheong

As Yusseri wrote above "... aaaah .... Wha...?"...I thought this was decided some time ago that we'd vote "No"...it shows how long a way the greenback can go to get things turned around ... if the "document" is correct.



There is allot of talk about this pretty much every where it seams. I got the link here from someone in a thread about our own corrupt voting session. He, and i, were participating in a discussion about the Swedish voting, so hello, from Sweden.
This has all turned out to some big joke, and Microsoft seams to think they have the right to bend the rules, something should be done, and the more people talking about what happened, the more likely it will be taken action against.

A fine is obviously not enough, since Microsoft makes enough money to take the chance yet again.


Seem that Malaysia isn't the only one who's vote didn't come out as planned http://www.noooxml.org/forum/t-18553/iso-records-a-no-vote-on-ooxml#post-46185

At least Malaysia abstained rather then voted yes.

Maybe try making a fuss (letters to Malaysiakini, NST, Star, Kit Siang, PM etc) may seem pointless but you never know someone might listen..

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