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Tuesday, 01 April 2008


Gen Kanai

Not surprised but still very disappointed in this whole thing.

Thank you to everyone at this amazing blog who have kept us informed at all steps along the way. I believe your blog was perhaps the most informed site of all on this topic.


Thanks, all of you at Open Malaysia.

What surprises me msot is that MS had to fight this hard. A decade ago, MS could easily kill OpenDoc, branch and root. Others had to begg at MS' door, and were shunned.

Now, MS have had to beg, bribe ("partners" are as independend as serves to their count), and lie to get OOXML pass ISO. And all hte dirty linnen is hanging in public.

In the late 1990s, everyone feared MS, and companies had two choices, flee or partner with MS. A decade later, MS have to fight hard to get others "in line".

MS $1B a month power seems to be severely weakening.


Rob Brown

Hi Yusseri,

Nice post :-). And a perfect time to get a little bit reflective about the whole thing.

While the standards world has certainly seen corporate interference in the past, I doubt that it's ever been subjected to such an all-out assault before. The methods in each country have been different, the "irregularities" unique to each setting. One suspects that the planners in Microsoft studied their prey very well!

I do see Microsoft's inevitable victory here as a blow to Free software, because having ODF a rung above OOXML on the governmental procurement ladder would have brought a very nice focus on some projects (like OpenOffice.org). However, I also believe that the setback is temporary because Free software can't be subdued by Microsoft's corporate-world actions.

Personally I liken Microsoft to the Martian invaders in "War of the Worlds"... and I liken Free software to the common cold :-)

Wu MingShi

I believe it is time to show the NBs that we, the citizens of the country are not happy that they ignore their own expert advice. May be another May 8 election surprise should be repeated.

What can we do to help?

Wouter van Vugt

Perhaps you should update your view of Norway's vote:



Hey guys, take a look at the the front page of news.google.com. They have been carrying the OOXML story for over 24 hours on the front page. There are nearly as many articles about the voting 'irregularities' as there are about the vote passing.

What's more, most articles about the vote passing include at least a mention of the conflict involved in the vote itself.

Without your courageous voices much of this story would never have been heard.

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