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Wednesday, 02 April 2008



This is totally hilarious!!

Yoon Kit

Fantastic! Where's his tinfoil hat?


Sharizal Shaarani


Dinesh Nair

Heh, but I beat all you guys to it. I punked MYSELF first thing i got in by leaving my keys inside the locked car while leaving the car lights on. And yes, the battery died too.

All in all, an impressive use of the Force and creativity. You do know I now have 364 days to plot, plan and execute a fitting retribution now, don't you ? :)

Dinesh Nair

Actually, looking at the "terrorist" photo again, Aizat has the Darth Sidious look down pat.

Take a bow, minions of the Sith, you have fulfilled your destiny and in the tradition of all Sith, slain your master.




Wah lau eh...

This is madness!!

Ha he..


Hi there! Jerie told me abt the prank and I didn't think you guys would be so thorough! Way to go! :-D

Steve Ong

This is too awesome! Haha! Great job.

Jean Hollis Weber

This is brilliant!

I really hope I can get a chance to meet the OpenMalaysia group some day. I've been enjoying your blog posts, especially Yoon Kit's turns of phrase and creative typos -- some of which I am sure are deliberate, such as "Conslutancy" for a source that is not reputable.

Way to go, guys! People like you give me much hope for the future.


Hey, this looks way cooler than how it was described:)

By far the best April fool prank I have ever seen!

Yuen-Chi Lian

Haha, nice one. :D

We had a colleague who went oversea for more than a month last time, I asked for making such prank on him but.. well, apparently not everyone would enjoy doing. :(

- yc

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