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Monday, 02 March 2009


Jason Crane

I don't speak a word of Malay, but I loved the video. Nicely done!

Yiu Vee

Cool interview from Fahmi. Ubuntu saves some costs for sure for the normal users like us that does surfing for information and the basic word and spreadsheet applications.


Caya lah fahmi Hidup ubuntu

Jom Linux

ya..thank 4 all supporters.

terima kasih semua!

Jacob Pang

Did you conduct any class to teach Ubuntu?
i try over 3weeks liao, still cannot print...
and many thing still not work...


cool video...love the interview..go foss for malaysia.. =)


Jacob Pang...

On Ubuntu/fedora, it's easier to install printers especially network printers compared to windows.. coz all printer drivers can be downloaded by ubuntu, unlike windows where you have to install it from cd or download it from internet by u, not by windows...

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